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mf8 supremefx

Level 10
Hello there
I use logitech G430 headset. SupremeFX e depends. continuous electrical sound comes from the right headphone. When you install the motherboard rear output, the sound disappears. I did the driver update, but did not change. My previous motherboard via the formula did not have this phenomenon. and there is a point I wondered. SupremeFX not cause the LEDs as well. maximus formula there was also this LED lights.56851

Level 8
Is the Front Panel cable correctly connected in both ends?

yes the same front panel for 3 years, I have used different motherboards. Is that the front panel cable can be deformed? or jac entries.

Hi kaptanedi

When you say front panel I assume you mean the audio jacks on your case is giving the buzzing sound? If I understand you correctly you say it's fine when using the motherboard audio jacks? If so just use the motherboard audio jacks you will have better sound.

but the motherboard rear audio output, do I benefit from SupremeFX features? I know it will work in just SupremeFX front panel output.

Level 8
Oxidation is something possible, if the jacks aren't gold plated.

I could not find another solution at. I will make computer case changes. After results writer.

Level 8
Both Rear and Front outputs are driven by SupremeFX features.

This good news is no need to pre-outs. the problem is solved. Thank you

kaptanedi wrote:
This good news is no need to pre-outs. the problem is solved. Thank you

I have the same exact issue tried two different cases and the same thing happens when I use the front panel audio jack. How did you fix the problem? It doesnt happen when I use the rear jack on the motherboard.