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MF8 does not boot to BIOS

Level 7
Hi guys! I am a newbie here and this is my first time posting. I wrote a vey long email to Asus Support but for some reason it just wont send, Perhaps its because I am using a mobile browser and I am having a very hard time doing this so my sincere apologies to any auto correct wrong grammar's and spelling but let me just paste what I am supposed to email Asus support below:

"*ISSUE: will not boot to BIOS POST. No video signal on either Board or GPU direct. Q code 13 then chnges to 00 - 4C for sometime. Onboard LED showing RED cpu LED then will start to lit the DRAM LED with blinking ORANGE. After sometime the blinking orange turns solid orange with the solid red light for CPU gone. Tried the RAM on all RAM slots. Flashing the latest BIOS and even tried to flash the 1702 which is the BIOS revision the time board was bought. Reseated the CPU, cleared CMOS,Mem OK! Without avail. Booted the MoBo outside the casing using the original cardboard housing to isolate static or short circuit from MoBo to casing with the same issue. Consulted Retailer and they tested my RAM and CPU using their own MoBo and PSU and they worked. They checked the board quality, no scratches, no bent cpu pins or any signs of customer induced damaged. Clearly MoBo is not used for OC due to my CPU limitation. They declared that the MoBo is faulty and it needs to be returned forr replacement. The Mobo was functioning as expected for 3 months, used servo type voltage regulator to protect it and is used for only watching videos and moderate gaming average of 0-8 hours a day and I always unplug the AVR everytime I go to work or when I am I am not at home so power always zeroes out on my unit then power the avr up again everytime i use the PC.I will be asking follow up questions once I got your reply about this issue."

So that's what I supposed to send them, I am very depressed right now and it seems I will be out of PC use for two months since the turn around time given is 30-45 Business days. I am supposed to buy 1060 Strix and 6700k i7 during my Christmas pay bonus and now it seems they will be useless now since I am under the impression that the repaired or replacement Board will be after Christmas, worst? A week after new year.

G4400 Intel 3.3 ghz
8GB Kingston HyperX 2400 mhz
240GB HyperX SSD
Antec 620W PSU
H440 NZXT Razer Case
AMD R7 200 series GPU.**

Thanks Nate, I did call Asus local support and validated my 3 year warranty apart from the reseller's 1 year warranty. And is it true that from the time I got my replacement back, the reseller will issue me a new receipt and the warranty will reset from that time? Like I will have a new 3 full year warranty from the time I got my replacement back? Or the rest of my warranty period where I got it back last July 19, 2016 continues until July 19, 2019? I did argue this with them because I am a bit skeptical and is too good to be true. It seems that ASUS is sure that the Mobo will not fail in less than 3 years and will replace it with another 3 year warranty until it surpasses the standard 3 year warranty without fail but they insisted that was correct which is very good. But I need to validate this with you guys if this is true?

Hi Everyone, I just want to write an update on this case regarding my RMA for M8F. I just received it yesterday after waiting 46 days and my greatest fear has come. When the box was opened for Inspection, The ROG armor has several Macro scratches and few deep scratches on the front of the ROG armor. That disappointed me but I guess I have no choice but to accept the fact, When tested real time on the retailer's end the MoBo will not even work because its surprising that the MoBo that was diagnosed by Asus SVC as BIOS issue and told me that it was fixed through reflashing the BIOS and passed the quality test that was returned to me without the BIOS CHIP on the board! Very funny, but this incident saved me. The retailer was good enough to offer me a brand new replacement. Now this is funnier, Opened a brand new Box for real time testing but before it was tested I declined it right away since the ROG Armor itself where you can see the Maximus print itself has faded. To be more precise the paint seems scraped that it looks like a fine sand paper was scrubbed on it that turned black to white. If I am just borne rich, I would sue everyone responsible for its a scam to sell a product with a brand new price when it's clearly refurbished. There could be some trick played on the seller or the distributor or something for I felt this once I got my first M8F where it looks used and there were no stickers included on the bundle. If you can just imagine what I saw 😞 . But it was again replaced with another new stock. So here comes the third one. Opened the Box and it was flawless, Even greater than my first one. Free of scratches, Not even a single scratch on it and all the bundled stickers where there, So I am convinced and skipped testing phase since Its been 7 hours, 10 am - 5 pm MST and skipped half of work to resolved it. I was assuming that it works and looks can be deceiving!!! I went home and change, gone to work for half a day and tested the board after work. Imagine my excitement with this fresh looking board and my GTX 1070 just purchased after I got my M8F :), but long story short it does not post or boot, No video output either. Troubleshooted? Exactly, what steps were taken?! Well everything was done from switching ram slots, re seated CPU, checked pins, adjusted the cooler, re flashed three BIOS versions, booted outside the case and nothing. Q code is rotating back and forth from 00 , 4C, 55 and etc back to 00 and restarts. CPU and RAM is working and been tested on other unit so its not the issue. Very disappointing, I am giving up on this Formula VIII since it just give me more and more issues. This is my first high end board and it shows that low profile boards are more sturdier than this high end one. I will definitely go back to the retailer after work and replaced this to another PC component equivalent to the original purchase price for I am not going again with the scam lottery. Now I am doubtful to get M9F if there will be one soon due to this experience not unless the Quality Check on Asus and how the Industry runs in my country changed. Waited for almost 2 months failed. Nothing personal to Asus since I still love the brand, It just I am not lucky like everyone does 😞

The 3 year warranty is from the time you purchased your motherboard and it does not reset.