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ME Update for Ranger VIII (how-to)

Level 7
I was having issues getting the updater working but with today's updated MEUpdater .ZIP and other posts, I finally was able to get it working.
This is for the Ranger VIII motherboard.

Go to
Download :
* USB Asmedia_USB3_V1.16.35.1 & Install first, then reboot
* Chipset Management Engine Interface Version & install second
* BIOS MEUpdateTool & do the following:
1) Temporarily disable your antivirus
2) Extract the MEUpdateTool (3rd download) to a USB drive. (I formatted mine to FAT)
3) Run MEUpdateTool.EXE as administrator.

I originally wasn't able to get this working even with the USB drive suggestions. Every time I tried to run MEUpdate tool, I noticed that windows 10 was trying to update my Asmedia USB drivers, and I had let it do that every time. Since I let windows 10 install virtually every driver itself, I thought that the ASUS Asmedia USB drivers might be different. After downloading them like mentioned above, I finally had success. Sorry that I haven't checked before and after driver versions in device manager, I won't be able to give you guys concrete reasons for why MEUpdate didn't work at first.
The first errors I got was the "couldn't find AsIO.sys" followed by "PEUpdater failed". Then I had replaced the MEUpdater's AsIO.dll with the one found in my c:\windows\syswow64 directory and ended up with a different warning "Update your BIOS" even though I am on the latest BIOS. The output of the biosinfo.ini had all values empty so it seemed like it was unable to retrieve actual bios versions. The Asmedia USB driver update may indirectly fix "AsIO.sys not found" issues in AISuite3 as well... unsure.

Good luck!

Level 7
If this still fails for you, then try again after updating your BIOS to the 3xxx series.