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Maxmimus VIII Ranger installation

Level 7

Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I am about to build my 1st PC and I am a little unsure about how to install what and in what order.

I have heard some issues regarding the Ranger and often the fix mentioned is to update the BIOS. When I have ran my first POST test, should I update the BIOS at that point and then install OS followed by drivers?

My plan is to do it this way, install 8.1, then upgrade to W10.

Level 14
You don't have to but it may be best to update your bios before you install your OS, either using bios flashback or EZflash methods, instructions are in the manual, your plan is solid

Level 15
Stick with your shipping BIOS for now. If you later find out that your system is unstable and a newer BIOS can fix it, then update. 🙂


So, I managed to get the CPU installed and cooler and RAM and did a post test with my GPU. All OK, but the keyboard wasn't detected.. I used a USB to PS/2 connector as well. This might be a problem.

My main issue now is getting the board INTO the case. I have a Fractal R4 Define w/window. I cannot get the USB 3.1 to line up with the IO Shield. I am getting quite scared that I damage the mobo trying to line it up with the standoffs and pushing the ports into the IO Shield. There is padding on the IO Shield, but apparently that should stay there?

Any help appreciated. This and the news that my Scythe Kotetsu may cause damage to my CPU is not making this go smoothly at all...

Level 15
Try not to overtighten the screws and you should be fine. If not, change it for another heatsink. Regarding the I/O Shield, it should line up with the motherboard. Verify that your motherboard is seated correctly on the standoffs in your case.

Hi again,

Managed to get everything built. I had to apply some pressure to get the mobo in place, but it all worked out. The padding foam on the IO shield is pretty thick.

I have installed Windows 8.1 and was about to upgrade to 10, when I realised that I have no audio..

Using BIOS 0508. that came with the board. Installed the latest audio drivers - showing as, under Realtek High Defintion Audio & 6.3.9600.16384 under High Definition Audio Device in Device Manager.. 😞

PS - I do have audio on the front panel, just not from the back..

PPS - So this is becoming a monologue. Seemed to start working after tinkering in the Supreme FX settings. I am 100% that I had set it to default device, but maybe not... Sound isn't as good as my old ASUS P5N-E SLI though, and that is OLD!