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Maximus VIII Ranger and Kingston HyperX Fury Black 4x4 2666 MHz incompatible!

Level 7
It may just be a BIOS issue and might be fixed with a future update, but for now the memory modules I have bought do not work with the M8R and the 1302 or earlier BIOS. Not the full set of 4 anyway! I can run any combination of two modules, no problem. But not 4.

Tested with Memtest86+. Motherboard: Maximus VIII Ranger; BIOS 1202; memory Kingston HyperX Fury Black 2666MHz, 4x4GB set

1. 2 Modules, 2 full passes, 0 errors
2. 2 other Modules, 2 full passes, 0 errors
3. these 4 modules combined, 5 minutes (less than 20% of pass 1), 434 errors - cancelled the test at this point
4. 2 Modules from another set, 1.5 passes and running, 0 errors so far.

Kingston states it's modules should work with all Z170 boards, ASUS listed a few of Kingstons modules on their compatibility list, among them the 2400, 2800, and 3000 MHz versions of the 4x4 set, but that list is from august.

No, only stock speeds and auto config. atm

Level 10
can you post a picture with your memory settings?asus memtweakit more specifical 🙂

here you go. current setting is XMP 1 with the rest on auto with 2 modules (=stable)


Level 7
detection is no problem, but with all four DIMMS's its unstable with error 55 sometimes and various BSOD's in WIn10. I've tested the grey slots first with 1 pair with memtest to determine problems with the slots, but that is working fine. no point of testing each slot by itself when they're working in pairs, right? 🙂

So for now I'm running 2x4GB stable with XMP enabled in the grey slots while I'm waiting for my 2x8GB G.Skill to arrive. I'll bet my MB that those modules will work better with the amount of RAM I want 😉

Level 15
As mentioned in my previous reply, speeds over 2133MHz aren't guaranteed to be plug-n-play. So don't expect it to be. Also which memtest did you run?


stephan79 wrote:

Memtest86 is useless on this platform. HCI Memtest is a much better option for DDR4 testing. Or if you have Linux, the Google Stressapp is excellent as well.