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Maximus VIII Impact T_Sensor Not Working on 2 Boards

Level 7
Did anyone have trouble with the T_Sensor (found under the top left mounting screw)? I am on my 2nd board and that sensor will NOT work. The sensor works on the expansion board. I have the same problem on 2 of these boards. The sensor itself works on the expansion card. BIOS is at the latest version. I don't want to RMA a 3rd time. :mad:

Level 8
Maybe it's bug in bios I have no any other idea

I had the same issue. I believe the problem to be quite simple. The manual is written incorrectly. While keeping the same orientation, plug the sensor into the 2 pins below where the manual specifies, with the triangle pin marker on the plug toward the ram. This board was obviously rushed. Worked for me. Hope that helps.

Thank you Nicholas1! I will try it tonight! I appreciate the feedback.



Thank you for the fix!


Great. Asus just issued a user manual revision for the product but did not change the instructions for connecting the onboard Temp sensor. Unbelievable

Should I install it a must? I never had a board with one of this cables, and I suppose it must be tape to something hot. Tx for any help!