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MAXIMUS VIII HERO voltage control

Level 7
SO...updated the to latest bios 1001 today and the voltage has not been stable since, updated the the way i have for years grab the bios stick to a USB stick get in to the bios and update via EZ flash 3, think that's the name 🙂

when i boot to windows i notice my temperatures high and the voltage out of control spiking to 1.5v that's just insane does ASUS want to fry my cpu or what???

i had set the voltage to adaptive 1.24 + 0.060 offset total of 1.30v for a mild OC on my 6700k at 4.6GHZ, all smooth this bios came along and all hell breaks loose.

so i went ahead and uninstalled AI suite with revo uninstaller and used ASUS AI SUITE CLEANER that i got off RAJA a while back..went to the bios and set the voltage to manual at 1.3 for now

I KINDA NEED AI suite for fan control and what not...but kinda have trust issues at the moment...this is supposed to be rock solid i know ASUS like to give to much voltage but i want to be able to use adaptive voltage control and set the MAX value i choose i do not want the ai suite over stepping or bios for that i am like this any ideas.....

any ideas

Level 15
Could have been a conflict between AI Suite III and the BIOS. It's always a good idea to clear the CMOS and AI Suite III overclocks before updating the BIOS.

did that now same results....this bios messed everything up including my ram voltage that was set to 1.2v and suddenly went to 1.5v just insane..rolled back to the previous version bios and will see what happens now...

i just cant understand how this can happen and why a set the voltage ont he cpu to 1.24v + 0.060v and the bios ramps up more like 1.36v...does not ad up!

does anyone have some insight on how to limit the voltage on adaptive mode, i don't know what changed on this bios but its not working like it used to...

cpu core cache voltage set to adaptive i had 1.24 and the plus sign 0.060 1.30v when running some testes it spiked like to 1.33 but never more now it goes up to 1.39v....i don't need that kind of voltage

has to set the ram voltage to 1.20v becuase it was going to 1.34v once again my ram was and is working fine with only 1.2v why did this bios change that.

is the bios description it says that the mei engine was updated yeah..smoking hot now! for people running automatic OC

Level 15


but ASUS screwed up adaptive voltage big time its broken and the ddr4 voltages as well..i have to select manual voltage 1.25v for 4600mhz reaches about 1.29v but that's normal while stressing with avx

if i set auto or adaptive the system goes crazy voltage spikes ate 1.47v and the ram must be set to1.2v other wise on auto asus resolves that 1.5 or 1.35v.....

before this bios everything was good.....

now if i input this in adaptive with + or - does not matter what value i get this i have tried off set values...until today life was simple i put 1.24 and offset + 0.060 gave me a total of 1.30v and went to about 1.33v while stessing now no please if i am doing something wrong please help me out.... i have also tried out on adaptive 0.025 so it does not scale above the target value of Manuel settings when i set the voltage fixed but switching to adaptive nothing holds

Level 7

well i hope ASUS does some thing about this upon further investigating there are tons of people reporting big spikes on voltages and adaptive voltage not working correctly this is buged !!!

Level 7
well i rolled back the bios with ASUS FLASH BACK RENAMING the cap file 0802 bla bla....and the system seems back to odd ram voltage issues and not to much overvoltage just the normal 1.23v + 0.050 offset+ + 1.3v and some extra voltage when avx stress is ongoing ...

i HAVE TO say THE LATEST BIOS IS THE MOST UNSTABLE ROOKIE BIOS i have ever tested and seen.......i have to start agreeing with some friends of mine that ASUS is not the same company....i have defended ASUS A LOT but not like this...a terrible bios a rog front base that never worked properly a maximus formula7 that stopped working, have a stx 2 sound card no good support the sound is crap on windows 10 and stutter another KNOWN ISSUE..all in around 1 year....not the same ASUS that when a tried P52 W E PREMIUM back in the day i felt that i made a good purchase, TIME TO MOVE on

Level 7