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Maximus VIII Hero power issue

Level 7
Hello and happy new year to everyone.

I have been upgrading some stuff in my old PC and I got few issues to report. I got Anti-Surge warning when doing Shutdown and never when doing Reboots. I tried to pinpoint whats wrong but couldn't avoid it so I disabled it under Monitor\Anti-Surge ON/OFF.

I have "tested" rails of PSU (EVGA 850W G2) in HwInfo and its rock solid during PassMark tests (+12V/+5V). You can say that I should ignore it then and continue using PC as I don't have spare PSU to test BUT:

1) When I shutdown PC (where that anti-surge kicks in I guess) Q-Code 00 stays lit and when I switch PSU off its only becomes dimmed and still shows 00.

2) Biggest problem is that Kraken X62 fans (powered via SATA/pump and not directly on MB) got that "sleep twitch" or jerk every 5s as if then pump is never fully off.

Again, PC works amazing, can be overclocked, cooling is superb and silent... I am writting this in dead silence on very same PC right next to me on 3802 bios.

PS People report that adding m.2 breaks Z170 boards in some way, well I did add 960 Pro with X62 and I am not sure when the drama started because when you do Reboot no anti-surge warnings ever happen.

PPS If I pull 24-pin cable and reconnect it, Q-Code is off and leds are back on as it should be otherwise 00 stays on via some phantom power even if I unplug mains????

Level 7
TL;DR Its the hama DisplayPort cable 1.8m that was added in the last moment and it either bad, making short-circuit with PC case or idk.

One problem with this Anti-Surge PCB is that it can't tell is it shutdown issue or boot issue as with simple DP reconnect or on/off via power strip cable(turning off display) we can reset that error every time. Now I understand why many of you disable this feature.

Back to the studio.

The DisplayPort Pin 20 Problem

It is the cable but more specific it is DP_PWR / Pin 20 issue which I never heard about.

For anyone reading this, please buy certified DP cables up to 3m/6ft like Accell or Insignia etc otherwise you will have problems. There are just 2 types: DP and DP8K, so don't fall for 1.x snake oil.

Level 7
For more info about good cables please go to reddit or, and I know I'm repeating myself, you will pay the price (broken GPU).