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Maximus VIII Hero + Intel 750 SSD

Level 7
I want to upgrade my nehalem i920 to skylake. I've read that the Maximus VIII Hero has a M.2 slot which is connected to a 4x PCIe 3.0 lane from the chipset. I'd like to use a NVMe SSD in my new rig, so some questions here:

1) Do I need an adapter to connect for example the Intel 750 SSD to this M.2 Slot? If yes, will the adapter be delivered with the mobo? U.2/ASUS Hyper Kit?
2) Do I run in some spacing issues with the adapter if I want to go 2-way SLI (because of the adapter height)?
3) Can I select this device as a boot device in the UEFI BIOS?
4) Should I use the M.2 slot or a dediacted 4x PCIe slot for the SSD? Or does it not matter for performance (CPU vs chipset PCIe)?

Thanks in advance