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Maximus viii hero bios 1402

Level 7
So bios 1402 finally came out for the Hero today. Has anyone installed it and had grief with it? I'm weary of installing it since the last 2 gave me so many problems. But I've heard it works well on the other VIII motherboards. Please post your thoughts. Thanks!

Level 7
I can report that i have confirmed a higher overclock for my 6700K with this new bios.... WHich is super surprising ! Before i was not able to stabilize to 4.7ghz even with 1.46v on IntelBurnTest v2.54 with 10,000mb buffer runs (latest AVX libraries). It used to error on the very first run. Now, i was able to complete 9 runs with a 10,000mb buffer @ 4.7ghz with 1.424v. Highest temperature for 1 of the cores goes to 87 degrees but this is to be expected with this much voltage and an AVX stress test (i have the H110i GTX with fans on 1200rpm). I will be experimenting more this weekend but so far im really happy.