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Maximus VIII Hero BIOS 1001 issues...

Level 7
I've been using BIOS 0802 for a while and besides the occasional odd VCORE spike in HWMonitor (set to 1.330v, spikes at 1.344v) the Maximus VIII Hero has been rock solid. However, BIOS version 1001 was released recently and let me tell you, it was nothing but trouble.

I set the A.I. Overclock Tuner to XMP, the CPU core ratios to 46, the VCORE to 1.330v, and everything else at AUTO -- basically the same settings that I had in 0802. The computer got to the Windows loading screen and then reboot itself multiple times. When Windows finally loaded, I would get all sorts of crashes involving ntoskrnl.exe, FLTMGR.SYS, and hal.dll. A quick GoogIe search revealed that all of these issues potentially meant bad RAM or a bad overclock. How is that possible if the same settings worked for the older BIOS? I thought my RAM was going bad, but MemTest86 didn't detect anything, and "sfc /scannow" didn't find anything wrong with the hard drives. I tried putting everything on AUTO and I still got blue screen crashing during intense gaming sessions. I eventually reverted back to 0802 and all the problems went away.

Is anyone else having these kind of issues with 1001 or did I mess something up? Or maybe the settings in 0802 are actually BAD for the computer and all that crashing in 1001 was normal? In any case, I'll just have to wait it out for a more stable update.

Computer Specs:
Processor: Intel i7-6700k
Motherboard: ASUS Maximus VIII Hero
RAM: 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX (DDR4-3000MHz) CMK16GX4M4B3000C15
Hard Drive: Samsung EVO 850 250GB
Video Cards: 2x GeForce GTX 780TI

Level 7
I had similar experiences with my Maximus VIII Ranger. Was stable with 0801 bios even with overclock in OCCT linpack with AVX but with 0905 and 1001 kept crashing. I think going back to defaults with CPU and taking off XMP profile might have helped, but can't say yet. Haven't rolled back as I have a Samsung SM951 nvme M.2 SSD.

Specs: Core i7-6700k, Asus Maximus VIII Ranger, 2x8GB Corsair memory: CMK16GX4M2B3000C15, Asus Radeon 290X.

Same for me, PC launches only with default BIOS settings. Didn't tested for stability on defaults yet, but have a thoughts that it is unstable. Planning to revert back to 0802 today.

Specs: 6600K, 2 x Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000MHz C15 (CMK8GX4M2B3000C15R), CoolerMaster V750

PS: wow, it looks like all of us have the same memory set. May be that's the problem? Any comments from ASUS?

My crosshair rog viii wifi went haywire after the update. I kept dropping from my game. If I tried transferring files the system would stutter so bad the mouse would skip all over the screen. If I tried to restart it took 10 min. I thought I had hardware failures. I reinstalled windows fresh and thought I had it. But the issues came back. I decided to go back to the previous bios. Played my game for hours, transfered files and restarted. All issues gone