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Maximus VIII Hero and Firewire card

Level 7
Greetings. I need to add one of these cards as I still have an older camcorder that requires one to capture old footage. Another thread just suggested getting any card. I've done some research and hopefully someone can confirm if these cards have worked in this board.

My research says that a "TI chipset" firewire card is the way to go for best performance. Further, I want an internal firewire header so my case connector can be used. The combination can be found in a Syba card model SD-PEX3009. Perhaps this is too specific but if anyone can shed any light on these cards (TI chipset or Syba in general or this model in particular) with the Maximus VIII boards I'd appreciate it.



Level 14
Chipset specs are more important than chipset brand. I think a lot of what you've read online is based on compatibility or performance issues between older or mismatched FireWire devices. And many people report problems or preferences between devices without doing any research, having any real methodology (beyond perhaps some brand bias or anti-bias), or describing their findings in any sort of reproducible manner.

This site is worth reading. Here is a list of popular FireWire cards which have been thoroughly tested (published by a media company who's primary interest is not the technobabble but just getting the stuff to work). FireWire (as a media interface) is tightly controlled by Apple, and they've invested a lot into making it work for everybody - I would be inclined to think of Apple's documentation as the authority and their Apple branding as the best guarantee you'll get for intercompatibility. Proprietary third-party chipsets might support extra features which go beyond Apple's proprietary controls, and some did back in the day, but these days nobody bothers to challenge the formula for success.

These cards aren't too costly, so you can always exchange one which doesn't work with your device for another one which does.
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Thanks. This is excellent information!