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Maximus VIII Hero Alpha + Corsair H115i settings

Level 7
Hi all,

A few questions.

1. Connecting the water pump to the Water Pump header on the MoBo, do I need to enable the water pump setting in the BIOS, or do I leave it disabled?
2. Connecting the Rad fans to the CPU headers, is there a way to have it detect the temperature of the water pump's water? The Corsair software allows this if connected through the water pump, and my understanding is having the fans based off the water's temp is the best way to have the fans setup (or is that wrong?)
3. Doing the above, do I need the Corsair software to control the pump speed? I've noticed that currently, I can change it from 1800 RPM to 2800 RPM with the software. If I disable the software, will the pump run full speed (which is what I prefer)
4. I have two Noctua NF-A14 fans on the rad. Does anyone have recommended fan curve settings for the BIOS?


Level 15
1. All pumps connected to the water pump header will run at 100% unless modified by the user.

2. CPU temperature dependent.

3. You can control whatever you plug into the motherboard headers via the BIOS or Fan Xpert software.

4. I had those before and just left them on Auto. The airflow is top notch and they quite quiet. Never knew they were even there. lol

Thank you! One follow-up question. Do I have to enable the water-pump setting in BIOS? It's disabled by default.