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Maximus Viii Gene Wont Boot Up

Level 7
Hopefully someone can help out. I built this computer a year ago and it has ran fine up until a few months back. The problem I am having is getting it to start up after it is shut down. There are no problems or issues while it's running or if needed to be restarted. It will not start up regardless of what I do however, it does eventually start back up after it has sat for a day powered off. Temperatures have been fine, and all the components within the computer were purchased brand new at the time of the build.

The computer has never been overclocked, I leave it running at stock speeds to avoid issues such as this. I am using an I7 6700k, 16gb Mushkin DDR4 2133, EVGA Supernova platinum PSU, Samsung 850 SSD, EVGA GTX980ti SC, and Windows 10 Home. Please help I am going out of my mind with this!

Level 8
hi foreverlacey
MB Wont Boot Up or reboot PC power supplies can also be problematic or memory ...etc

sometime may happen on chassis. You can try reinstall memory modules or check CPU cooler does it work normally? Just try troubleshoot with singal board + CPUs/Memory/ Power Supply

Howevery, if this still happen and troubleshooting doen't work , You can take the board to local service center to get help main while can take other components for RMA service.

This sounds a lot like the issue that I'm having, though with a different mobo. Posted it into this thread:*!
Intel i7 6700K @ 4GHz (stock)
ASUS Maximus VIII Hero
Noctua NH-D15
G.Skill Ripjaws @ 3200MHz 32GB
ASUS GTX 980 Ti Matrix Platinum
Samsung 950 PRO 512GB m.2
Cooler Master V1000
Windows 10 Pro x64

Level 7
I got the same exact issue with Maximus Formula VIII, I confirmed its the board and perhaps this high end boards are very sensitive to power surges. I always unplug the CPU when ever its not used on a daily basis. I am assuming that the constant fluctuation and rising current every time the CPU is plug back will somehow damage its sensitive circuitry. I am not sure though but this has to be something related since I have searched and check other related issues and it seems that it only fails after its been unplugged and fails on the first boot, In my case it is intermittent and somehow worsens until it does not boot anymore on BIOS and ending up sending it back for RMA.