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Maximus Viii Formula adding a second NVMe Drive

Level 7
Good day all

I am really desperate right now as I cannot seem to fin the answer I am looking for or how to solve this issue I am having.
Maybe you tech guru's could help me.

Current System

CPU - Intel 6700K
Mem - 64GB
OS - Windows 10
1 Graphics Card (PCIeX16)

Disk 0 - Data Drive (ASMedia)
Disk 1 - Data Drive (ASMedia)
Disk 2 - Games (SATA6G_3)
Disk 3 - Games (SATA6G_4)
Disk 4 - OS drive (Samsung 950 Pro Socket 3 M.2 onboard)

I am trying to ad a second nvme (Samsung 960 Pro M.2) drive to my current system.
I cannot get my hands on a HYPER M.2 X4 MINI CARD anymore as ASUS no longer makes them and had to go for the Orico PSM2 M.2 NVMe to PCIe 3.0 x4 Expansion Card.

Problem I am having:
When I plug the Orico expansion card into the PCIex4_3 slot (the last one on the motherboard) this conflicts with the onboard m.2 drive.
If I plug the Orico expansion card into the free PCIeX8_2 slot neither BIOS nor Windows detects the card.

I am kinda stumped here as I would like to get this card working as I am running out of space on my drives.

Please help

Thank you