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Maximus VIII Extreme

Level 7
So I'm trying to hook in my G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 32GB (2 x 16GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3200 (PC4 25600) Intel Z170 Platform Desktop Memory Model F4-3200C16D-32GVK into my motherboard and we keep getting the code 55 or 41. We had them in slots A2 and B2 at first so we took one out and moved the other one to A1 and that seemed to work. We got all the software installed but when we went to try to hook the second one back in they wouldn't work... Any help would be appreciated.

Hello Snakeeyesjedi

Welcome to the ROG forum.

Does this happen at default settings?

There is another member facing the same problem and we haven't found why two 16GB sticks doesn't want to work. He can run one stick with no problem but as soon as he adds the other stick it doesn't want to start. He's replaced the cpu thinking it could be a weak memory controller but that did not help.

I suggested contacting G.Skill to see what they suggest and I'm waiting for him to respond. If you would like to do the same here is their phone number, if you call them please come back and let us know what they suggest.

G.Skill U.S.A. technical support phone number.


Yes its on default settings. I can run it on one stick and my CPU is the Intel I7 6700 so i hope its not that. Idk whats going on but i want to use both 16gb cards if i can but if i cant then i will just have to resort to one.

Thank you

Give G.Skill a call with the number I provided and see what they suggest.

Please come back and let us know what they have to say.

Level 15
Things yo verify:

1. Screws for the heatsink aren't overtightened.
2. No bent or missing pins in the CPU socket.

Just got done exchanging emails with G. Skill and they insist it's a deffective motherboard. They can't seem to graphs the message of it works with just one and not with both in

Thank you

Chino made some good suggestions, try loosening your cpu cooler a touch and if that doesn't help inspect the cpu socket for any bent socket pins with a magnifying glass in good light, look close and carefully.

Level 7
Good day. I am new here; not sure if i must post here or start a new post. I got an asus z170 maximus viii extreme, 6700k, 4x 4gb corsair DDR3200 cl15, huntkey 900watt psu running windows 7 64bit. Everything running on stock as the psu does not have a 3rd 4pin cpu connector. I cant complete some of the windows updates and with that i got some issues with the aisuite. Aisuite sometimes crashes when i update my windows. Any help?

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