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Maximus VIII Extreme Onboard WiFi Issue

Level 7
Hi All,

I have recently built a new system using the Maximus VIII Extreme and have recently begun to experience some problems with the onboard wifi adapter. It will be working fine before I go to sleep, but when I come back to it in the morning it has disconnected and I cannot reconnect until I disable then enable it from the device manager. Trying to open up the adapter settings from Network and Sharing Center does not work, and sometimes I have to reboot the PC in order for it to work again.

I have made sure that the PC is not turning off the power in both the power settings, and the device properties.

The one thing I noticed is that even though the latest wifi drivers for this board on the ASUS website are marked as being from 9/11/2015, the date on the driver I have installed is from 2014.

Anyone else having a WiFi issue?

Thanks for any help.