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Maximus VIII Extreme and Trident Z 3200Mhz 8GB

Level 7
Hey all,
I noticed something bad happen on Maximus VIII Extreme with G.Skill Trident Z 3200Mhz 8GB on Newegg Here is the link

I plan to build Maximus VIII Extreme and Trident Z 3200Mhz 8GB too..
Will that DOA happen to me too??:confused:
How about the Maximus VIII Hero ?? I'll choose maximus hero if there is no problem with this RAM:confused:

Thanks 😄
Any comment will be appreciated..:cool:

Level 15
The Maximus VIII Extreme will have no problem running 3200MHz RAM given that your CPU's IMC is capable of supporting that frequency. I have the Maximus VIII Extreme and all I can say is that it's an awesome motherboard. If money is no option, it's highly recommended. 🙂

Im running the Tridentz 3733's and theyre fine on my ME8

Level 14
as stated above, I wouldn't worry to much that kit will run fine on both the Extreme and Hero board, it is a little pricey but if your buying an Extreme board then a few bucks extra on memory shouldn't be an issue for you, once you set XMP in the bios just verify it set the dram voltage correctly

Thanks all, i am going to M8E though

zxcbv wrote:
Thanks all, i am going to M8E though

You won't be disappointed. The M8E is an excellent motherboard with lots of overclocking features. 🙂

wish me luck man, ill update with joy or tears! 🙂

Level 14
Very nice Murcy84 looking forward to see how your builds come along