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maximus vIII extreame - slow boot & vga problem

Level 7
i recently bought this motherboard. first i had several issue with this main including after i calibrate the fans when shutdown the computer it come back online!!
i updated the ai suite and the bios and seems this problem goes away. then i found a problem with hwinfo. it hangs completely and even the restart button dont work when i click on the sensor
view .apparently there is a problem with asmedia sata driver. i changed the sata ports and now no crash.
my main problem is with the post time. it takes 7 second to i hear the bios beep and another 7 second on device initiation then the boot process begin (
i am already disabled the smart and enabled the fast boot and mrc fact boot ). i contact asus and they said clear the cmos
. so i get the battery out and cmos cleared. for now i dont have a vga card and my monitor is old so i use a dongle to convert hdmi to vga. mother board some times connect to display and some times
dont just turning on the monitor and then go to power saving on monitor. before i cleared the cmos this problem happened a lot. but after that now the system during post
light the vga led and beep 3 time. nothing on the lcd appear and windows boot. (i connect to windows with remote control) i even take the dongle out but this happen every time
i start the pc. are any of you have this problem i mean taking out the cable from cpu vga and get error.

another problem i facing is with the oc panel ii . the cpu rpm and temp is working but the cpu ratio stuck at 42 . and i can't change the fans profile from the panel.
are anybody else have this problems?
can you measure the post time until the q code become bf and tell me that.

Level 15

Chino wrote:
List your complete system specifications. Be as detailed as possible.

cpu: core i7 6700K (NOT over clocked)
Ram: Gskill RIPJAW V 2*8 GB = 16 GB / 2800 Mhz (XMP 2.0) / installed on Dimm A2 & B2
Main: Maximus extreme Z170 /Latest bios 1701 /
SSD: samsung 850 Evo 256 Gb
HDD: western Blue 1Tb sata 6.0 + western Blue 2Tb sata 6.0 + segate 500 gb sata 3.0
power: cooler master G650m bronze.
Case green viper x3+ /all conector connected / 2 * usb 3.0 / 1 * usb 2.0 / 1 * ram reader / front audio / 4 * case fan dc - 3 conected to main -1 conected to fan extention/
cooler: cooler master d92 (keep cpu temp on avrage 40 C on silent and no load - and with 2800 rpm and rog real-bench stress test under 50 C )
lcd: an old lg 19 wide with vga and dvi port.
1 dongle hdmi to vga work fine on laptop.
i try to load with second bios but i cant find how to switch the bios.

Level 15
Disconnect all your USB peripherals from the motherboard including front panel USB, card readers, etc... See if the post time gets better.

Chino wrote:
Disconnect all your USB peripherals from the motherboard including front panel USB, card readers, etc... See if the post time gets better.

i already test that no change in post time happened.
i managed to solve the vga problem with restoring the bios.
now when cpu frequency goes up to 42 the cpu voltage goes up to 1.328 and them goes up from 35 to 60 degree in a second is this normal?

Level 15