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Maximus VII Formula: New CPU installed! Please enter Setup to configure your system

Level 7
I had a Maximus VII Hero board that died (might look at diagnostics and refurbishing it sometime, and might not), and so I bought a used Maximus VII Formula on-line. I moved the CPU and Fan, RAM and drives across and it boots fine, and I'm working with it now, day to day. BUT ...

When it boot first it reported "New CPU installed! Please enter Setup to configure your system" and I could press F1 and enter Setup but I could not boot it, could not get past this. Frustrating as the message doesn't tell me what to do in Setup and I walked through as many of the menus and a sub menus as I had patience to do and felt might help and found nothing I could set to say "yeah, I know th a New CPU is installed, I installed it, all good".

Which is deeply frustrating. I found no less than three Youtube videos all recommending if disable `Wait For 'F1' if Error` in the Boot Settings Configuration and so I did and that is how and why I am rolling and here writing this on that box. Boots fine and runs fine.

When I search online for this error message I see repeated advice on many forums and in many languages even (thanks Google Translate) the same set of (mostly amateurish guesswork) tips and questions that includes:

  • Reseat the CPU - Done. All good.
  • Reseat the CPU Fan - Done all good. CPU running around 40 degrees C, and happy.
  • Ensure the SPU Fan is plugged into the CPU Fan header - Done, double checked, (it's in CPU_FAN)
  • Replace the CMOS battery - Not Done but the it's not flat, when I make changes to BIOS settings they stick, no issue there. Disabling `Wait For 'F1' if Error` for example stuck as have my other configs.
  • Upgrade the BIOS - Can't do, it's already at the latest version ASUS offer (3503).
  • Ignore it and carry on with `Wait For 'F1' if Error` disabled - Sure but that's a lame as cop out ... surely someone can tell use what causes this message and how to tell the BIOS "Yes I know there's a new CPU, it's fine, I insytalled it I WANT a new CPU"

Anyhow, pretty frustrating. I can't get ASUS support without registering it and forgot to hunt the serial number before I reassmbled the box. Onthe todo list, but if anyone has a Maximus VII Forumla nad knows where it is, do let me know. if it's like the Hero it'll be on th side of one of the PCIE slots (hard to read on the Formula because of it's shielding which also hides the CMOS battery - if anyone knows how to do that I'm all ears, can't find it in the manual)

I do have 8 pin CPU power supply and the second 4 pin slot unfilled. I lack a suitable cable from the PSU for that and have on on order, but the Hero only had the 8 pins, while the Formula has another separate 4 pin socket for CPU power. There's a slim (barely credible) chance that filling htis makes it happy (hard to believe as a) it's fully functional, b) that has nother to do with a new CPU).

Anyhow, not a show stopper clearly, but I'm not happy with a) feeling ignorant as to cause of this, and mechanism behind it, and how to tell the BIOS that it's fine, it's an intentionally new CPY and b) turning of boot error halting globally - I mean it's there for a reason and covers many other possible errors.

Level 7

I guess this wins a prize for most neglected question on the forum? Or it's a dead forum? 🤣

Nope to neither, just a long dead platform so not many users will come rushing to this section I'm afraid!

It sounds like a dead CMOS battery. The settings will be retained till such a time you remove the AC. I would try replacing this at the very least.

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