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Maximus Hero viii won't boot - leds turn on, psu fan works

Level 7
I'm not sure what happened tonight.

I had shut off my oculus and was moving some cables around, a USB cable and some speaker cables. All of a sudden the system shut down.

Current the leds are alive on the board as are the start and rest button.

I've used the fan test on my corsair rm750i and it is working fine.

Fans won't spin up, nothing else powers on.

I've disconnected all my data devices. All my addin cards, removed my 960 m.2, cleared the cmos with the power off and removed the battery manually. I tried with ram in only A1 as well.

Not sure what else to do at this point

I'm now noticing that the color leds are not staying on all the time, on the heatsink, by the io. And the start/reset buttons gradually fade in and out intermittently with no consistency.

1 ram stick, mobo, cpu and heatsink/fan. Still the same thing.

One thing that seems really strange is that the chipset heatsink is very warm when plugged in, even though the only things going are the leds and start/reset buttons

Tech support thinks that board went bad. They want me to RMA it, but won't offer me advanced RMA for some reason which is annoying and had me escalating to their level 2 guys.

It's my primary work machine, I can't handle two weeks of down time and more than willing to put a hold on my account for a crossship.

Any idea why they would fight me on this board an advanced RMA?

Level 15

Chino wrote:
Does your system halt at a specific QCODE? And do any of the QLEDs remain lit at the same time?

Not getting any qcodes, at all. When the leds are on, they are all on together. When they fade out only start reset remain on. And sometimes those slightly fade too.

Level 7
I'm having a similar issu.
Last Thursday 5/4-18 I was going to power on the computer at the evening but nothing happened.
I tried a different PSU, 1 DDR stick and no graphics card, but that didn't help.

Less are working but I'm not getting any qrcodes.

What's next to try? Mobo or CPU or both. 😕

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