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Maximus Hero VIII - USB Hardware fault overcurrent

Level 7
SO, I have this Z170 Mobo that died last year. I replaced it with another board, and was about to toss it in the trash when I decided to have another crack at getting it working again. originally it had a current overload issue preventing post. before you say it... no, it wasn't caused by any connected device, or shorted socket. This is an internal motherboard hardware issue. i assume a voltage or current regulator is faulty and any load on the rear 3.0 or 3.1 ports can trigger this fatal flaw.
Anyway... i was playing with the type-c port and the board booted! I was pretty excited about being able to finally do some tests, and started testing all the ports.

The conclusion is that if I can somehow PHYSICALLY disable these ports we should be good to go. Im very suspicious of the Type-c in particular, and maybe if i can remove the little 6 pin IC thats next to the usb 3.1 ports MAYBE i can get the 3.0 ports back.

Any hardware gurus out there know if that might work?

Obviously disabling in bios doesn't disconnect voltage supply to the ports, so no point on going that route.

Thanks in advance! 😉