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Maximus Hero VIII Audio problems

Level 7
Hi, just reinstalled windows 10 and updated MB bios etc. and now my audio settings are screwy. I have 5.1 speakers with rear surrounds at my side. The option to select side speakers is greyed out, I can only set them as rear. In windows sound config I only have one option for 5.1 speakers, with the surrounds behind me. If I uninstall the realtek driver and use the standard hd audio device driver, I get 2 options for 5.1 speakers, with the surrounds either behind or side. It was fine before I reinstalled everything but afaik all the settings are the same. Don't know what I'm missing.

Realtek HD Speaker config

Default windows 10 "High Definition Audio Device" config, with 2 options for 5.1

Realtek audio manager with greyed out side speaker option

Second problem is with the front audio panel jack detection. It doesn't recognise when I plug headphones in. I get sound through them, but sonic studio doesn't disable the speakers, and I get no popups saying headphones have been plugged in.

Hi Dapper Dan

Welcome to the ROG forum.

In SupremeFX under Full-range Speakers, have you tried enabling Front left and right and Surround speakers?