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Maximus Formula VIII issue?

Level 9
Hello everybody,

I had a problem with probably my OS and it was solved when I reinstalled it. Thread link is as follows: .

Now the issue is my system unexpectedly slows down considerably sometimes. I realized today that it happens when I start up from a Hibernate. Also, when the pc is in sleep mode, pressing any button does not immediately wake the system. I have to keep pressing keys several times for it to wake. However operation after wake from sleep is normal. Please do watch the 1 minute video of what I am experiencing after starting up from a Hibernate. This is my first time building a PC and I do not know which component is faulty.

Thank You

Hi Cold_Fire_18

Try running your pc at default settings and see if things are any better.

Hello nate, my PC is in default settings. I did not overclock any component. Power plan is at High Performance too. I did not even edit what the power button will do lol.

Level 7
I got all the issues you were having. I did not know that re installing Windows will resolved that though that idea crossed my mind but never had the chance of doing so. Then sometimes I noticed that when the computer is at sleep or hibernating it takes time to wake up for around 20-40 seconds. There are times also that my PC always fails on first boot when the PC is unplugged but works by simply resetting the unit. In rare instances, (happened thrice with in 3 months) It boots to Windows but only loads Windows defender on the system tray and never load AI suite and rest of the start up applications, It still works not until you launch any other program. It will just freeze then powering it down is just the option I only have. But the time it boots again to windows it does the same thing and I finally got it to work by multiple resets and unplugging the unit. Then one day the PC will not boot anymore to BIOS. Monitor is all black with no output, Video card, case fans and CPU fans acts normal. Q code 13, 55, 4C cycle. Found out that its the board since all my PC components are working and ended up sending it back last Nov. 1 2016 and until now it was not returned yet! Well, welcome to the Philippines :). Retailer told me to wait at least another month. Sad, But I am not troubled because I bought a temporary MoBo Asus H110M- D D3 right after I send back my Mf8 for RMA. My temporary board is working better than my Maximus Formula VIII for some reasons, Never got the same problem with Mf8. Fast boot times, Instant wake up's from hibernation and boots without flaws from cold or warm boot. The only problems I had is this annoying crackling sounds with my speaker via HDMI to TV which I got also with my MF8. External speakers is not affected connected straight to the MoBo, So I did not care then got a new GTX 1060 yesterday and the issue turned worst. It has the same issue with HDMI sound output on TV and now it affects the External speakers as well. And guess what?! From hibernation, it wakes up now for more than 1 minute? So is the GTX 1060 broken? I hope not for waiting 2 months again for RMA is not very pleasing. But I just reset the Windows 10 OS and hopefully that resolves the issue. I will check and take some test/s later and see if the crackling sounds disappear w/o any driver installed yet. Will test with generic windows drivers for sounds and video. And will never install AI suite III again since that app is very glitchy and cause underlying problems. Then install's specific drivers one at a time to figure out which driver is causing the problem. If it all works then I conclude that its AI suite III messing around. (Did uninstall this app but cracking sounds persist, Found out that other AI suite components cannot be removed. The link on the ROG site to clean AI suite fragments are broken so I ended up resetting the PC 🙂

Thank you nate and abyxzss. I read through the article but I don't think the issue lies with hibernating itself. I guess the hibernate issue is a symptom of something else. Because, as I was editing a photo in MS paint, drawing simple lines and moving them around will leave me with trails of the line. Minimizing and then maximizing paint will solve the problem or if I shake my cursor over the trails they will disappear too.

Like what abyxzss has said, is this a motherboard problem? Since my S.M.A.R.T for my SSD is all ok, I ran memtest fully without issues so we can rule out CPU and RAM as well?

On a sidenote, I checked my event log and saw that there are A LOT of DistributedCOM errors. Just for today I have 12 of those errors and it has been happening everyday. Does that point to somewhere?

*edit* I do not have AI Suite installed since I re-installed my OS.

Try opening command prompt as an administrator and type in sfc /scannow, put a space between c and /, if it finds any problems it will attempt to fix them.

In that article it says to close as many programs as you can before going into hibernate, this should speed up coming out of hibernate.

Hibernating isn't the issue. I just started up my computer from a complete shut down and when I am editing a picture in paint, drawing the thinnest line and moving it around causes shadows of the line which won't go away unless I minimize and maximize paint. I've ran the command prompt scan and it reported this:

Beginning system scan. This process will take some time.

Beginning verification phase of system scan.
Verification 100% complete.

Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations.


May I know what did the scan check? So I can rule out that component?

It checks for corrupted files and fixes them if any are corrupted so I guess we can rule out any corrupted windows files.

Instead of trying this, that and the other thing it might be best to reinstall windows again and keep programs to a minimum or install one program at a time and try paint after each program you install to see all is still ok.

It is my exam period and as such I have no time to do that now. I also saw that cs:go is a little laggy when I first start it up but is fine after I minimize and maximize it. All these is on a normal start up without hibernate. I will re-install my OS and try what you said after my exams.