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looking for the best option, Z107-WS vs ROG Maximus VIII EXTREME

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I was trying to really compare getting the best range of options in building my next desktop.

I currently have the ROG M8E board,Z170-WS motherboard, 2 6700k-i7 processors, 4 EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti HYBRID cards, EVGA 1600 P2 powersupply,

looking at the Coolermaster RC-1200 Cosmos II Chassis, the Coolermaster HAF-x-942 or the Thermaltake Core V71 Full tower.

Its seems that that after comparing the specs on Asus' website that the Workstation would be the way to go as it has dual Lan adapters, ability to run 4 cards within a 4 way SLi

or even a 3 way SLI which the M8E doesnt seem to be able to....?

So I am trying to figure our the best route to go within having the best ability process the best graphics, overclocking, and LAN speeds along with the USB devices such as having USB 3.1


Hi 1fastME8

Welcome to the ROG forum !

It looks like the only option for 4-way sli with a z170 board is the z170-ws.

Is that a better board over the Extreme, or am i missing something....?

I don't think you're missing anything, the maximus viii extreme only supports 2-way SLI.

If you want 4-way SLI the z170-ws looks to be the only option or of course you could go with the rampage v extreme but will require a socket 2011 cpu with 40 pcie lanes. (5930k or 5960x)

OK, thank you.

Im just trying to make sure in comparison to others I have a good machine and build for current and future abilities...Based on the parts thus far would you make any

You have a great start on components, are you going to liquid cool the gpu's? If you are you will need a case that supports 360mm/480mm radiators. if you're just air cooling the gpu's you'll want a case with excellent air flow, caselabs cases are great for custom liquid cooling and are probably the best cases on the market.

For ram if you're just gaming a fast 16GB kit is enough, price to performance G.Skill Trident Z is a nice kit.

Example: Trident Z 16GB 3200MHz 14-14-14-34-2T

For an ssd the Samsung 950 pro is popular and the fastest M.2 pcie drive at the moment, you'll want to double check if you can use it with 4-way sli.

Before suggesting anything else let me know if you'll be liquid cooling your gpu's and cpu, you can decide if you want an optical drive.

Thank you Thus Far!

Yes Ill be liquid cooling. This will be my first build with liquid cooling. I have been building and customizing for years but held off for the last 4-6 years since my system was pretty
solid thus far.

I chose the Cooler Master case as it seemed to have a massive amount of room inside the unit to build any custom mounting system to accommodate the desired cooling
I don't mind going over board etc. I was also looking at the CoolerMaster stacker system as room isn't of a concern.

Ill research that case you listed.