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LED Header - Hero Alfa

Level 10
Hi All. I recently put a new build together using the Hero VIII (Not alfa) and a phantex evolv ATX case. To finish it all off I purchased a strip of phantex LED's.

The strips have a specific type of connector which is found on some Phantex cases but not mine. The Hero Alfa board has 2 dedicated headers for these LED strips which allow them to be controlled in AURA along with the motherboard LED's. I didn't realize these were limited to so few boards and cases and wondered if anyone knows if ASUS are planning to introduce some kind of accessory to add an LED header to other ROG boards???


Level 9
Here is what I know, currently there is only the Maximus VIII Hero Alpha and the Maximus VIII Formula which include RGB headers to control external RGB LED strips. The Alpha has two headers which can be independently controlled, the Formula has just one. I'm sure that more boards will follow as RGB accent lighting seems to be the latest craze.
For those that have one of these boards and an eligible Phanteks case purchased before March 1st 2016 there is a promotional offer for a free LED lead that will enable the case accent lighting to be controlled from the motherboard. Pretty cool!
The promotional offer details an be found here....
And here is an article providing more detail on the actual lead....
It looks to be retailing for approx £4.

Be sure to read the specifications of the motherboard LED headers, the maximus viii formula LED header is rated at 2 amps (24 watts) and supports 5050 LED strips with a 4-pin RGB connector up to 2 meters long .

Level 14
There are many LED kits with controllers to chose from, becoming very popular these days