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Items missing in bios 2202

Level 8
In December i updated BIOS to 3007, which was taken down from ASUS download page a few days later. I flashed bios back to 2202, and everything seemed normal.

But now I have discovered that settihgs are mssing in the boot menu in Bios 2202 after using flashback from 3007. And strange things have happened when i have changed some settings in BIOS. Sometimes when i boot the Automatic repair comes up and I have to restore Windows.

I wonder if it's a bug in 2202, with the missing settings in BOOT menu or they got deleted when i flashed back BIOS from 3007.

The settings missing in 2202:
SATA Support
USB support
PS2 Devices Support
Network Stack Driver Support

I looked in the manual and it looks like this in BOOT Menu options:


Does anybody else have this problem, and what should I do to get these settings back? (and yes I have Fast BOOT enabled, so these settings should be there)

Reflash BIOS 2202 or older BIOS? I do not want to update to the latest BETA BIOS 3201.