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Is Maximus VIII EOL For Updates From ASUS?

Level 10

Well from the looks of it the updates and life of this board are dead, or are they?

Not seeing any new BIOS updates with all the Intel BS going on, makes me think it's dead, and doesn't make one feel comfortable...

So is this board's support from ASUS EOL?


Level 11

I RMA’d a VIII Extreme Assembly motherboard for a SupremeFX Hi-FI DAC low microphone level output about a year ago (SupremeFX Hi-Fi DAC driver issue). And was informed by ASUS Support that the motherboard reached EOL and no updates for drivers or BIOS will be released.

Level 10
I should of looked online harder, seems to of stopped as of last year with the BIOS...

Anyhow my mobo is going strong, I'm more concerned about 2 things, Intel security and keeping performance current with modern game titles.

Level 7
It's kind of sad, they barely supported the boards for 2 years after the release. Personally I find it insufficient. It also outlines a broader problem in today's tech world and the IoT. Everyone wants to sell expensive electronics that are "connected" but very few actually provide any sort of long term software/firmware support for their products.

Level 8
ASUS is s**t, ASUS premium products are S**T....

Look at budget H110M-K, 5 years support!!! MAXIMUS VIII?! 2 YEARS?!

Lots of newer updates to drivers and BIOS - many dated 2019.... MAXIMUS VIII last updates dated 2017 (BIOS 2018) !!!!!!!!!!

H110M-K is just a budget chipset budget MOBO....

please, ASUS crew to answer to this letter:

Do motherboards in the PREMIUM (MAXIMUS VIII GENE) segment have shorter and worse after-sales support than cheap H11M-K boards? Both boards are for 6th gen Intels CPUs, powered by same chipset family.

After visiting the technical pages of both products, I conclude that this is the case. Please explain why so that I can make more informed purchasing decisions in the future.

1. The Audio driver for the motherboard has been boosted twice more than the last available version for MAXIMUS VIII GENE (latest versions for H110M-K: from 2019/02/20; MAXIMUS VIII GENE: from 2017/06/07 )
2. 2018/04/26 the latest BIOS for MAXIMUS VIII GENE version 3801 was published, BIOS 3612 for the H110M-K board was released at a similar time, exactly 2018/04/25. However, just three new versions have been released for H110M-K, the last 2019/07/09 with number 4210. Recent versions have introduced patches for Intel ME, microcode and other "system security".
3. Similar situation is in the case of chipset, MEI or SATA drivers ....

As a regular buyer of PREMIUM products, several times more expensive than economic solutions, I feel cheated by significantly shorter technical support than budget products.

I am asking for a driver and BIOS update for the MAXIMUS VIII GENE board and, as I mentioned at the beginning, an explanation of the peculiar situation.