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Improving the Vcore of my 7700K on Maximus VIII Gene

Level 7
I have a 7700K on a Maximus VIII Gene.
If I reset the bios, I get a high Vcore and high temperatures.
The last time I tried, Vcore was around 1.36 on Turbo. Temps were impossible under load.
I use Dual Intelligent Processor in AISuite.
I know you don’t like AISuite, but it’s convenient.
I also have CPU-Z, they are both consistent except maybe time, DIP5 is slow and low refresh rate.

So I try to undervolt my CPU.
I go to Adaptive Mode, I set 1.28.
I get a Vcore from 1.20 to 1.23 on Turbo.
My temperatures are much lower than before. I can live with that.
If I set 1.20 Vcore stays at 1.2 to 1.23 on Turbo.
It seems I can set any value and Vcore stays at 1.2 to 1.23 on Turbo.
Then I use various benchmarks, PCMark10, Cinebench, CPU-Z Bench, Prime 95.
Prime95 always fails and the CPU gets toasty.
I know you don’t like Prime95 but it’s bound to have some value.
I’d like for Prime95 to run without errors, at acceptable temperatures even if it means I have to downclock on AVX instructions.

I tried LLC values from 6 to 2, not sure if it has any effect.
I’d like for my Vcore to be low, sufficient and stable (see my Vcore of 1.136 under load).

I finally did set 2 in the bios for the AVX Parameter.
Prime95 did run without error at 4300MHz and max temps around 90°86197

Edit :
I just reseted my Bios,
Tweaked it step by step.
The moment I change Auto to Adaptive Mode (without any values) Vcore drops from around 1.36 to around 1.2

Sorry, this is probably a boring question, if it is one.