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!HOT! VIII Extreme 3007 BIOS problem with temperature

Level 7
Hello, I got really wierd/big problem and I can't solve it whole day...

Today I updated to BIOS 3007, when I found my OC unstable I copied back 2202 from BIOS 2 to BIOS 1, but it was more unstable - benchmarks stopped working all the time, after some tries even windows showed blue death.

After that I started looking for another solutions - first temperatures - and that was main problem... Core #1 with Package (6700k) are running on the same temperature - more than 20°C hotter than other cores.

All SW shows the same values.
But OC panel shows different package temperature, even when windows starting, OC panel shows my normal package temp = ~28°C. When is Win loaded, it jumps back to 35°C. HWMonitors shows 39°C...


What I have already done: Reflash 2202, update again to 3007, tested also old 2202 on BIOS 2.

Please help me 😞 .

Level 7
Really need help.

Level 12
Hang in there, buddy.

Is that core's temp consistently higher than the rest? Or is it just fluctuating for a second or two before dropping again?

So far I have experienced no issues with 3007. I didn't OC my (new) 6700K, yet. Given the feedback...I will not be doing so. No memory OC, either. Until this is all resolved.
I'd like to deploy my troops in her country.