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High pitched noise and other noise. front audio in left channel maximus viii ranger

Level 7
I have a horrid noise coming from the front panel audio in the left channel.

It has a high pitched whine constantly. I have tried installing the drivers over and over again. tried all the sampling rates.

It is either there constantly or when sound starts to play. It also pops and crackles.

Tried different headphones and it is always there.

I wonder if this has been introduced with the latest bios as I can't remember it being there before. I mainly use usb audio or hdmi audio through my card so I didn't use it that much.

I'm on windows 10 pro.

The rear connector is fine and does not have these noises in the left channel.

Seems like the front audio is not working. So it could either be the motherboard or my case.

Level 13
See if there are any power cables near the front panel cable inside the case - try to keep it away from other cables if you can. They can pick up noise.