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Hero Alpha VIII Bclk Overclocking?

Level 7
Hello everyone.

I helped a friend build a machine in a tight budget. The plan was to grab a good motherboard and great SSD (Samsung 950) and cheap out on the processor and upgrade next year to a top end kaby lake (7700k?). To that end, he grabbed a i3 6100. He is feeling the lack of processor speed a bit and I am thinking he could pickup a little extra speed tweaking the bclk. Only problem is I can't find any recommendations on bclk speeds with this MB. I know there isn't a ton of room, but can I push 105? Maybe 110? I won't have tons of time for stress testing, but I would love to pick something at the top end of the "safe" range and run prime 95 for a couple of hours to verify is all good.


Hi Endgame124

Skylake can overclock the BCLK pretty far but I'm pretty sure Intel doesn't allow BCLK overclocking on non k skylake cpu's.

I thought you could adjust the bclk but if was tied to PCI-EXPRESS, memory, sata etc so you couldn't push it very far without messing up other parts of the system. I know the multiplier is locked in non k CPUs, but if I could push the bclk to 110 that would net him an extra 370mhz. It's not a ton, but it's something.

On my 3570k I can push bclk to 107 before things start getting flaky, but it seems like most people don't ever bother with bclk