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Hero Alpha BIOS Safe Mode

Level 7
Everytime I cold boot my computer in the past few weeks it boots into safe mode in the BIOS. I hit discard changes and it boots up fine, so I am not sure what could be causing this. I am on BIOS 3504 using XMP and running at 4.6Ghz across all cores.

I lowered it down to 4.4 and still have the same thing. But it has been running stable on 4.6 for quite some time.

Anyone else having this issue?

Level 7
It runs at the settings on PRIME95 and the Asus Benchmark all day long. It is just when it boots cold that it goes into the BIOS safe mode, I hit F1 and discard the changes and it boots fine.

From what I have been researching it could be that I am using XMP and need to manually adjust my memory timings. However if I fall back to BIOS 2202 I never would run into any issues.