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Help with Boot Order

Level 11
I added another new SSD today, but when I re-connected the sata 6Gb/s cables to the mother board, I don`t think the cables are in the order that I had them. The boot order in the UEFI BIOS is wrong. How do I correct the boot order without re-installing windows. Also how do I re-label the drive letters?

Level 14
The user manual for your motherboard illustrates the placement of the SATA connectors.

On a MAXIMUS VIII EXTREME, "SATA6G_1" will always be the default (AHCI Mode) boot drive. Whichever SATA drive is plugged into it should be the boot/system drive, unless you've configured a multi-drive SATA RAID or you're using a PCIe/M.2 SSD.
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Level 11
Yea, the default drive didn't change. But, everything is right now. I went back into the BIOS and changed each drives boot order by using the drop down menu for each boot order. The drive with Windows is still the first UEFI Boot Manager drive.
I couldn't remember how to do this because I don`t do these kind of changes enough.