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Help please.

Level 7
I was cleaning my pc and I drop the motherboard and one of the voltage regulator broke, I need to change but I can't see the number on top, can some. One with the same mobo please check the numbers on top of the
Of the little component and post it here thanks.

My motherboard is and asus rog maximus vii ranger and the voltage regulator is one close to the southbridge just buy the hole to put the screw I'll attach some pictures.

Level 7
according to this image its F90 P02 CFL0717

but the picture is using the same regulator between the cpu and cpu_opt fan. the one still intact on your picture has another number. maybe thats the same youre looking for?

Hello thanks for the help, I investigate a bit more, and that mosfet is the one who controlled the cpu fan so I just deactivated it, I change the option in the bios to not monitor that can, I'm doing dime test now to see if everithing is alright.
A really big thanks for the help.