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help please. not sure if CPU or MB is toast

Level 7
Hey. So I just built my first PC about 4 months ago. And it has ran since the start with 0 problems. All the sudden it froze up while gaming. Thought it was odd. But I rebooted and it happened again. I had planned to do a re format the next day so I just shut it off and come morning I went to re format. The pc then froze at the log in screen. It seemed to be freezing faster and faster. I got it running for a bit . The PC then wouldn't boot past bios at the start. Error code 00. Powered off waited turned on. Got it running. Tried re format. Froze at 80%. I'm pretty sure iv narrowed it down to CPU or MB but I'm still not sure. i have no idea why this would happen. The PC ran perfect. Barely under any stress. And low temps. CPU rarely went over mid 40's Any help would be much appreciated

i7 6700k
Rip jaws V 16G dd4-300
Thermal take 750w

Hello ill Rage ill

Welcome to the ROG forum.

Clear the cmos or reset to defaults and see if the freezing persists.

Nate152 wrote:
Hello ill Rage ill

Welcome to the ROG forum.

Clear the cmos or reset to defaults and see if the freezing persists.

I did that to get out of the 00 code when I couldn't get past start up. Did not stop the freezing unfortunately

Chino wrote:
What is the exact model of your PSU?

Thermal take smart series 750w


Are you running your ram at default settings (2133MHz) or have you enabled XMP?

If you've enabled XMP you might need a little more vccio voltage and cpu system agent voltage. If you're able to enter the bios, on the extreme tweaker tab see what these two voltages are reading and add .02v to each and see if this helps.

You could also try each stick of ram individually.

I haven't enabled xmp. Most bios settings are stock still. Other the some settings I had to change around to get my m.2 card working

I also did test the ram when this freezing started. one stick at a time to see if it was the problem. Computer booted up off each stick individually

Level 10
Sounds like the motherboard. I had similar issues and didn't bother with all the testing ie. 1 stick of ram, removing USB Devices etc. I just sent the thing back to Amazon who provided a new one. My PC is now working fine so I'm assured it was the cause of my problems.

If the problem is with the PSU then 99% of the time your machine just won't have any power. CPU and it won't boot and you would likely get some kind of message in bios. Ram is similar, if it's faulty the system won't boot and an error code would indicate a problem with the RAM. It might be unstable at the settings you use but that wouldn't cause the problems you are describing. That kind of odd behavior even before getting into the O/S shows it's not a driver issue either. It leaves only the motherboard. Get it replaced.

It leaves only the motherboard. Get it replaced.

Thanks for your time and advice. I started thinking it was probably a faulty motherbored this morning. I tried Goin into my bios. Got 00 code. No boot up. Tried again. Tried loading pc. It froze got dd code. Guess I'll start sending emails for replacement 😞

Have you tried updating the bios, follow this guide and rename the bios file to M8H.CAP

This might solve your problem, give it a try.