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Help keeping VCore below 1.2 (6700k)

Level 7
I'm having an issue with my BIOS settings. I have the max adaptive voltage set to 1.2 and the offset set to 0.001v. Despite this, my chip always goes up to 1.26-1.28 under load. If I stress test, I get Vdroop and the chip runs at 1.200v. Since I am stable doing a stress test at 1.2v, I would like to have that as my max voltage. What am I missing? How can I make that my max?

Level 7
Why are you so adamant that it must stay below 1.2V?

Level 10
If you've overclocked your CPU it's unlikely a flat 1.2 would be stable unless you have very very good chip but to give it a try there are a couple of things you can do. Under load your CPU is applying a lot more than 0.001 so you need to set the off set value accordingly i.e. - 0.060.
The other thing you could do is adjust the load line calibration to level 1 which will cause the vcore to jump far less if at all under load. You can find Load line calibration settings in the DIGI VRM menu.

Level 7
Set all the settings related to adaptive voltage to auto for lowest voltage posible, this way i have with sync cores to 4.2 on to 1.2v and somewhere around 1.13 with core sync off, meaning with stock intel multipliers per core.

Level 7
Update: I updated my BIOS to 1701 and applied the same settings as before. Now, everything works as expected.

Before: VCore 1.290 upon load and gradually drops to 1.2 over the course of 5-10 minutes
Now: VCore 1.248 upon load and drops to 1.2 within a few seconds.

I'm not an expert or the best at explaining things, but I believe what I am experiencing now is how the voltage should work and previously something was a little off