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[HELP] CPU INPUT VOLTAGE HIGH AND Spikes to exactly 4.080V every so often.....

Level 11
Have this exact problem but on my ranger viii mb, any help please, , i just replied to that thread for help also.

Reply i posted to that thread below.
I have this exact same problem, found out when my pc would not start, and said overclock failed, ai suite shows cpu input voltage 4.080(guess that stops pc from booting), have a ranger viii, 6700k, once back to desktop thou, it runs all day while gaming with no problems, tried all the fixes in this thread and no joy, i am wondering did the original poster find out the problem, or did asus say if it was a problem with the motherboard ?

Hi Daytrader

He never replied back but Asus support told him to RMA, I'd suggest contacting them and see if they recommend you do the same.

Level 11
Thx for reply, i really dont want to return mb, as once i reboot it works perfectly like it has for almost the last year, just each morning boot stops, so i go into bios and then restart and it works again.