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Has Asus Quality gone downhill?

Level 7
I am posting this, not so much as a rant, but in hopes maybe someone knows whats going on. TL;DR, skip to the bottom. 😃

Does anyone else think ASUS Quality is dropping these past few generations?

As a bit of backstory, I've used ASUS Boards since 1999, when I bought my last OEM System, a Sony Vaio which had an Asus OEM P2B-AE (AKA the P3B-1394 but CPU Locked). That system still runs to this day.

I later built an Athlon XP System on an A7N8X-E Deluxe, that system also works to this day.

It was replaced by an Athlon 64 System, powered by an M2N32-SLI Premium, again, still works to this day, and has been running my 'server' for over 4 years straight now, AFTER it was replaced as my desktop system.

The next system was an M4N (I forget the full model no.), Phenom II based system, it was replaced with the SATA Chip in the nVidia chipset died randomly one day (This is probably more nVidia's fault then ASUS).

The next one, however, is where my issues really began. It is a P8Z77-V LK board hosting an Ivy Bridge I5, and it's been RMA'd 3 times now. The system would hang on post, no matter what you did to it. It's been downgraded to my secondary system, and replaced by...

--tl;dr system read from here down--

My Maximus Viii, i7-6700k system. Which I built around November, and which worked fine until today, and has had no recent hardware changes. Today I woke it from sleep, and used it for about 10-15 minutes before it hung up. Reset the system, no post. Powered it off and on, still no post.

Removed everything but the PSU, 1 Ram stick (I have 2, tried both, in all 4 slots), CPU, and CPU Cooler.

All I get is "error 62" which is listed as: "Installation of PCH Runtime Services". Tried MemOK, Tried CLR Cmos, both the button and manually, even tried USB Bios Flashback, nothing worked. The BIOS was 1601, however I tried flashback to 1202, 1601 and 1701. For those curious, the code IS 62 and NOT b2.

I spoke with Asus, and they eventually agreed to an advanced RMA (Thank you 2nd tech I spoke to!), but I am concerned, is this what ASUS Quality has become? RMAing my boards every 6-9 months until the warranty expires and then replacing them? I sure hope not, because I used to highly recommend them, even as others switched to other brands such as ASRock and Gigabyte.

I hope this isn't my last ASUS build.

If anyone has any ideas/suggestions, it'd be greatly appreciated, and thanks for reading.

P.S. Mods, if this is in the wrong forum, my sincerest apologies, and feel free to move it.

Level 8
This would be the same story as "everyone told me NOT to get a VIII Hero because there's loads of threads of people complaining", i got it anyway and apart from the initial bump with the ram (fixed by newer bios) its working perfectly. Every time something new comes out with a different technology there's always issues usually fixable by BIOS or RMA. Time consumed aside, if they replace it whats the problem ?
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OS: Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit

Level 12
I've had a few Asus-boards, zero problems so far. While the Hero has been the quirkiest - not problematic - due to being a new platform, it runs just fine by now.
My Z87-A has been on 24/7 as a home server, since it was new on the market, it also OC:s exemplary and even survived a platform upgrade to Devils Canyon. Solid board.
My P8Z68-DeLuxe is retired, because I don't have room for more PC:s. I keep it as a spare with it's 2600K in case of an accident, but it never failed me and OC:d the 2600K to 5.3GHz and mem to 2200MHz. In fact almost exactly as fast as current gen.
My P5Q-DeLuxe had a very long lifespan with its 9450Q @ 3.83GHz, never a problem, excellent overclocker. It just recently was replaced from it's ending duty as a HTPC, after 8 years. I had a P5Q-SE2, as 24/7 server in it's day, never a problem. I had a P5K as server, never a problem. Pretty happy with Asus so far 🙂

My AMD-boards before that where pretty flaky from s.939 and backwards, VRM:s died or lost performance on like all of them, the only really solid board was the ECS K7S5A which was pretty impossible to kill and lived for very long. Abit boards OC:d the best, but also had some built in flakiness.
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Level 9
Well I think software quality has been going a downhill a while already (overengineering features and they are not properly tested and bugs are not found) but hoped hardware quality was still pretty decent. Hardware quality has to improve from inside the company and it is the board who decides the goal. If they decided sell max amount with maximum profits then it means less good components are used like cheaper transistors, fets, op-amps and they fail more often also with larger audience and user cases also. I don't know how high 6-sigma quality Asus is aiming to be but I doubt they're higher than sigma-4. So my bet is they're sigma-3 or 4.
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