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GTX 970 problems with Hero VIII

Level 7
I switched my Motherboard Hero VIII processor I7-6700K and memory to Kingsto Savage DDR4 8GB(kit) and I started having strange issues with my GPU.
Overwatch crashes when I launch (sometimes my GPU goes from 50c to 80c when I launch the game) and Path of exile hud started going weird ,
and Java based OSRS client says "Failed to create the Java Virtual Machine: LoadLibrary2 failed - 126". I don´t know why but Arma 3 works fine but when I play rust my GPU temperatures goes to 70-80c

old specs: Asus M5A99FX PRO R2.0, AMD FX-8350, Kingston 8GB DDR3

Hi Wohoo

Welcome to the ROG forum.

Those temps are acceptable for a gpu as long as its not throttling. If you're using GPU Tweak, MSI Afterburner or EVGA Precision X you can set a more aggressive fan curve or set the fan to 100%.

Have you updated to the latest driver and are you overclocking your gtx 970?

Can you test with your previous memory?

Hey my fan was 100% when I launched Overwatch and played Rust because temperature was claiming. Im not overclocking it and yes I have updated drivers.
This is my second Maximus VIII motherboard, I sented first back for warranty because H1Z1 keep crashing for some reason and event viewer said ntdll.dll error and java said same as now so I thought something was wrong with the new parts since with my old parts games worked fine. I just tested with my old memory and it didi´t fit

Ok was wondering if your old ram is ddr4.

Is the gpu usage (load) at 100% all the time, if you have more than a 60Hz monitor I would think it would be. You could try enabling v-sync at 60Hz and turn down any antialiasing to take some load off.

Arma 3 plays ok so this says your gpu should be fine.

Can you test with a couple more games and don't forget your specs. 🙂

Level 7
When you changed the mobo did you perform a fresh install of windows?

My old specs and new specs are on the first post and I have only 100% gpu usage when I play rainbow 6, 60-70% when playing arma 3 and only 30-40 when playing CSGO or PoE. Dayz won´t launch either. I did not install fresh windows because it did not help me with a first time but I did just now install new windows and didn´t help me.

Hmm yeah you always want to do a fresh install of windows when updating the motherboard as you'd have a different chipset driver and such especially if you're coming from a DDR3 system.

What psu do you have, I don't see it listed in your specs unless I overlooked it.

No its only thing that is not on the list, psu is XFX 650W XXX Edition 80+ Bronze Semi-Modular

Is there any way you can test your 970 in another pc? If it tests ok then maybe take a look at the psu.

My GPU works fine with my old parts so I don´t think that is the reason. how large psu you think would work, I can get 550w from a friend to borrow