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G.Skill 3200 mhz 16GB on maximus Ranger

Level 7
hello guys,

I had the Geil 3000 mhz 15-15-15-35 i could not make them work on my Ranger now i'm looking for another pair of ram.

The thing is i found a trident Z but 8X2 only and i looked at the QVL list it doesnt exist.

only the 4X4 kits are compatible with the Ranger, so im asking you guys if anyone of you tried the 8X2 on a Ranger before? does it work?


Level 7
I have that same kit but using it with hero. Can't be that different. Works perfectly well.

Level 7
I have the F4-3200C16-8GTZB set and they work ok, these are ones with looser timings (16-18-18-38), though mine run fine at the 16-16-16-36 timings the non-B set comes at.

I raised the vccio and system agent voltages both to 1.2, dram to its rated 1.35 and set all timings manually, initially from the spd reading in bios, then adding the others detected in aida

The Memory QVL for this particular board is useless, it is from august last year, when the board (and skylake platform) released, certainly before pretty much every kit of skylake certified ram you can find in stores today was released

Thank you guys for the quick replies.

the Ranger and the Hero are not the same i think cause the Hero got more compatible rams than the Ranger (QVL list).

so you got the trident Z 4x2?

i was asking if the 8X2 can work fine for this motherboard...I wish i bought the Hero though. first time i got the ROG motherboard and this is ridiculous.

i never had this problem before the ram compatibility was the last of my problems but now its the main problem im runing my geil 3000 mhz on 2133 to get a stable system.

i tried to tweak the Vicio thing but in games its not stable at all. I decided to get new kit of rams and now im afraid to get another kit and it wont be working again.

damn this Ranger why asus released it if its cant handle a stick of 8gb?? and they say that this motherboard can reach 64GB ??? how is this possible?

It is a 2x8gb set

I also found raising vccio alone was not enough, and had to raise system agent too

Level 10
Skylake seems to be very picky about ram.
it's not enough to know some other user has no issues using the same combo.
you can still have issues with the same parts, unfortunately.

Hi charoncybel

G.Skill trident z works with all Asus z170 motherboards and is a good choice, some adjustments to the vccio voltage, cpu system agent voltage and Dram voltage may be required to get it fully stable.