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Flashing power LED - Normal operation. VIII Hero

Level 7
Yesterday my board decided to die on me when I swapped the USB 3 connector from bottom to the side connector, I think I bent a pin and shorted it or something. Anyway, I replaced the board today under store warranty only to find that this one had BIOS 1303 out of the box and the case power LED continuously flashed. I flashed to the latest, set my BIOS exactly as had been running perfectly smoothly on the previous board and the flashing LED remains. Other than that, all devices and components are running perfectly well. Passed a stress test with realbench for an hour, all stability tests (apart from disk) on AIDA64 for about 3 hours while I went shopping showed no problems or failures. CPU never went over 52c, RAM - not sure but it's clocked at g.skill's rated OC of 3200 via XMP, GPU hovered around 40-50 most of the time with a peak of 61c according to afterburner. There is absolutely nothing I can think of that could be causing this. To me it looked like some sort of sleep state but I couldn't find anything to suggest this. All C-States are off and the Q-Code is A0 or AO, as usual. Power saving options are all off apart from windows own, which is set to balanced. SSDs are running normally, HDDs normal, getting normal results on 3DMark and ROTTR is playing at it's usual frame rate.
Like I say: Absolutely no problems apart from this power LED blinking on an off. I searched around a little but after the first few results on google, they start going in to unrelated topics, not about PCs.
Any ideas what could be wrong?

Level 7
I encountered the flashing power button (on case) once when powered off, But when in use and powered on, it is static always for me,Sorry can't be of more help

Level 15

Hi and thanks for the replies.
Yes, it's the power LED. All the connections to the board were left exactly as they were, on the provided connector, from the previous, dead board. I checked that nothing had changed location with any sort of revision to the board but every pin was in exactly the same place on both connectors. The flashing is a constant on/off pattern, exactly as you would see if the machine were in sleep mode. I asked around a few people at work who own asus maximus boards and nobody had come across this issue before and there is nothing matching the description when I search around the rest of the net. I guess I'll just unplug the PLED, I know when my PC is on so all it really is is an annoyance.

Level 15
Might be a good idea to recheck your connections for the front panel. Perhaps you connected the power LED to the HDD activity connector on the motherboard. 🙂

Level 10
Not trying to necro this old thread but I had a similar situation on my maximus vii hero where the power light started flashing like it had a short in it as the light strength seemed to be lower than normal. A flashing power light usually serves as a reminder indicating that the system is in sleep mode but this was not the case as with the OP's system.

I checked around to the front panel connectors on my easy connector and the power leads had come lose backing off their connectors just a bit so I seated them all fully and the issue has not recurred.
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