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Fastest possible boot settings for Maximus VIII Motherboards?

Level 7
I have the Gene but I imagine the UEFI is pretty similar among all VIII boards.
So can someone inform the me/community what are the best settings to get to Windows desktop as quick as possible please?

I've installed all the ASUS utilities if they're needed, but have little knowledge of how to make use of them.

Level 15
For a start, you should install your Windows in UEFI mode. Then you can go have a look at the Boot tab in the BIOS. You can find a plethora of options in there like disabling USB ports on boot, disabling the ASUS logo, etc...

Level 7
Ironically, if you want Windows to start faster, it's probably a good idea to uninstall all the ASUS utilities as they add time to your startup, once you are logged in.

Level 7
ondersma80 wrote:
To anyone experiencing what is perceived as slow boot speeds:

If you want to boot in a few seconds, be sure you have Fast Boot enabled in the BIOS, perform a UEFI install (CSM disabled) and enable MRC Fast Boot in the DRAM settings. I use these settings with a i7-6700K with 3000MHz ram and boot Windows 10 in just a few seconds. With Fast Boot off, MRC fast boot default disabled it takes 20 seconds just to complete POST.

These tips are great. Speeded up my boot nicely!