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Extreme Viii Issues Please help

Level 10
Hi im new to this forum. I recently builded my own PC with Maximus Viii Extreme and I only having a load of issues that is driving me absolute crazy :(.

Problem that I got is that most games I play Crash instantely on start up saying only Exe has stoped working those games that do start run with low fps and then after 3 mintues crash with same message and some time no error message at all just crash to destop. Other issue include OC PANEL pressing any button on it causing pc instant shutdown crash so I ended up removing the OC panel Also Ai Suit Frezzes and crashes each time you press on it so I ended up remove that too, another odd issue is that when I install windows 10 it dont instal any drivers at all no wifi driver no enternet driver not a single basic driver witch is realy funny cuz on my old rig using same windows 10 it did install the basic drivers as sound, internet etc.

Some of the games that have this issue are
Counter strike global offencive
World of warships
This are just some of the games I have about 200 games in my steam libary that most have some kind of issue ALL games are up to date also

GTA V works tough at 100fps on maxed setting 1080p

I have tried the following
1-Reinstall OS
2-Reinstall Drivers
3-Update all drivers and BIOS to latest
4-Check if I got All drivers
5-Check if Heat is an issue
6-Run in combatibility mode
7-Checked for Hardware defects ( Memtest did 10hour test all pass GPU stress test Furmark all PASS CPU PRIME95 and ROG REALBENCH PASS NO Q code errors
8-Check if all componets are connected rigth ( I use EZ PLUG and the second CPU 4 pin)
9- Unistalled Anti virus ( use latest Norton)
10- download WIndows 10 from the website instead of use WINDOWS 10 USB to see if usb could be corupt

My Spec
Asus Maximus VIII Extreme E-ATX Z170
Skylake Intel Core i7-6700K
Asus Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 Strix
Corsair H110i GTX
Corsair Dominator Platinum 32GB DDR4 2400Mhz CL14
EVGA SuperNOVA G2 850W 80 PLUS Gold PowerSupply
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

I cant realy figure out what the issue is its not first time I build a PC my old rig used same gpu as this one only diferance was i had i5 4690k and ASus Maximus VII formula and that pc had 100fps in every game at max setting with no issues so i dont know why this one get all this issues hardware have been upgraded not downgraded.

Level 9
How maddening ... I concur with a fresh restart... that is, drop the components down to only the bare basics - as little as one dimm, no sound card etc, no OC panel... nothing that is not absolutely needed. Then reinstall OS or even just try fist without anything "extra" with the current installed instance of the OS and then try flattening and rebuilding it.

I don't know if any of the component testing tools test sound cards - that seems like a good candidate to start with in terms of removing.

Also, what does your system and/or application event log have to say about the crashes?

In starting to think his issue is just related to those few games because I've downloaded my entire steam selection and it seems like that only word of war ships, counter strike , apb reloaded and arma 2 have this issues idk to be honest seems like that. I have reinstalled Windows 10 pro like 6 times now same story each time everything go fine during install no error messages installing drive but again those few games seem to have this issue idk is anyone else having issues in particular with those games using win 10 and extreme viii? I could try the remove sound card thing but I highly doubt strix raid dlx is causing crash I mean if that was the case why would gta v bf4 etc work fine ?

The thing all this crashing games have in common is that steam overlay don't work with them so idk maybe steam Windows 10 issue ? Wish I had another hard drive to install Windows 7 on to test if the issue is there too.

I tried that before I did reinstall my Windows 6 times. I'm really out of ideas:confused:

It could be a combination of the game settings and the NVidia control panel settings as to why only a few games are crashing.

Try enabling v-sync and turning off antialiasing in the games that crash.

You can also try this:

Open steam, in the library right click on a game that crashes and select properties, select the local files tab and click "verify integrity of game cache".

Level 10
That's the first things I did before post on this forum or reinstall Windows 😕 I think I'm just going to give up so much effort no gain been trying to troubleshot this for days noting so far everything seems ok Adia64 extreme pass and Windows event log not one singe critical error