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Extreme Viii Issues Please help

Level 10
Hi im new to this forum. I recently builded my own PC with Maximus Viii Extreme and I only having a load of issues that is driving me absolute crazy :(.

Problem that I got is that most games I play Crash instantely on start up saying only Exe has stoped working those games that do start run with low fps and then after 3 mintues crash with same message and some time no error message at all just crash to destop. Other issue include OC PANEL pressing any button on it causing pc instant shutdown crash so I ended up removing the OC panel Also Ai Suit Frezzes and crashes each time you press on it so I ended up remove that too, another odd issue is that when I install windows 10 it dont instal any drivers at all no wifi driver no enternet driver not a single basic driver witch is realy funny cuz on my old rig using same windows 10 it did install the basic drivers as sound, internet etc.

Some of the games that have this issue are
Counter strike global offencive
World of warships
This are just some of the games I have about 200 games in my steam libary that most have some kind of issue ALL games are up to date also

GTA V works tough at 100fps on maxed setting 1080p

I have tried the following
1-Reinstall OS
2-Reinstall Drivers
3-Update all drivers and BIOS to latest
4-Check if I got All drivers
5-Check if Heat is an issue
6-Run in combatibility mode
7-Checked for Hardware defects ( Memtest did 10hour test all pass GPU stress test Furmark all PASS CPU PRIME95 and ROG REALBENCH PASS NO Q code errors
8-Check if all componets are connected rigth ( I use EZ PLUG and the second CPU 4 pin)
9- Unistalled Anti virus ( use latest Norton)
10- download WIndows 10 from the website instead of use WINDOWS 10 USB to see if usb could be corupt

My Spec
Asus Maximus VIII Extreme E-ATX Z170
Skylake Intel Core i7-6700K
Asus Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 Strix
Corsair H110i GTX
Corsair Dominator Platinum 32GB DDR4 2400Mhz CL14
EVGA SuperNOVA G2 850W 80 PLUS Gold PowerSupply
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

I cant realy figure out what the issue is its not first time I build a PC my old rig used same gpu as this one only diferance was i had i5 4690k and ASus Maximus VII formula and that pc had 100fps in every game at max setting with no issues so i dont know why this one get all this issues hardware have been upgraded not downgraded.

yes i did, i downloaded all ASUS drivers that was listed on the maximus viii extreme page windows 10 64bit drivers

I Uploaded some screenshots of HW Info, CPUZ , GPUZ and some things worries me. first of the V core of 1.34 seems kinda high for stock also that ASUS TEMP 4 that reads 95c

After Long time trying to figure out the problem i seem to finaly found the problem Apperently there is 4 Prosesses in task manager that is causing games to crash and some games to not work probely and once those prosesses are terminated all games work.

nhAsusStrixBoxSvc32 (32Bit)
nhAsusStrixSv32 (32 Bit)
nhAsusStrixUILanucher (32 Bit)

These files has to do with the STRIX RAID DLX sound card so apperently that sound card drivers and software is causing loads of issues, kinda disapointing to see that from asus that a high end sound card have so poor drivers and support. I have reinstalled the sound card drivers many time so yeah its not a fault on my end

OK one thing you can try is running CCleaner, click on the free download, run the cleaner then click on the registry tab and run the cleaner again.

I use this too.

xD I already used ccleaner many times also smart defrag

Idk what to do I downloaded bf4 and bf3 these games all run on max with 200% upscale not a single issue. Maybe it's just the board drivers not fully compatible with Windows 10 since I seen many ppl have issues with AI suit and rog sound drivers idk I mean I don't think it's my hardware being defective everything else work booting into Windows only some selected games don't work and the OC panel causing instant crash and the fact Ai suit don't work but that's not an problem since I uninstalled ai suit and removed the OC panel. What you think causing OC PANEL make PC shutdown crash when any of the buttons are pressed ? And why Asus Ai suit frezzed and are unresponsive when you press any of the fan control buttons etc also it said my PUMP rpm is 0 when I connect my corsair h110i gtx to Pump header.

I kinda want to rule out any possible reasons that my hardware is broke other than that I'm not really worried that Ai suit and OC panel don't work because I don't use this two items. What I don't get tough is that about 6 games so far I tried play instant crash on startup these being

Arma 2
Counter strike global offensive ( works 1 minute without steam overlay tough but then crash)
Apb reloaded ( works but steam overlay won't work and FPS is 30 on low)
Ghost recon phantoms (startup but stuck on login please wait and steam overlay not working)
Word of warships (crash on login with error message saying something like big word crash access violation)
Heroes and generals (crash on startup with error message saying something as assess violation)

Kinda few games and all games have same thing in common crash and steam overlay kinda not working this is what's worrying me because it's quite few games that don't work and I have over 200games in steam so idk it could be more games that don't work I have not downloaded all these games to check what ones work and what ones don't. I have used Intel driver utility and Asus ez update everything says all drivers are up to date.

Your 6700k looks pretty good at stock settings mine was drawing 1.44v, I currently have it overclocked to 4.75GHz. Your temps look good too.

I'm not really sure what is causing the problem but it doesn't seem hardware related to me. Since we are getting nowhere fast I think what I would do is remove your sound card and reinstall windows and the latest drivers and nothing else. Use the onboard sound for now and do not install steam, install a game that is crashing that is not on steam.

It will take a little while but what have we got to lose.

You sure 1.35v core on stock 4.2ghz is ok ? ain't that to high ? Cuz ain't 1.35vc supposed to be for 4,6ghz OC also don't you think 30-35c for idle is a bit high on corsair h110i Gtx. Also that thing in Hw info that read Asus Temp 4 96c what is that ? Since that's some extrem temp

Temp 4 has got to be a false reading.

Well at stock settings all cpu's get overvolted some. You can lower the voltage until you become unstable then bring it back up a notch. I can't tell you what voltage you'll need as all cpu's are different, that's something you'll have to play with.

if your cpu is not throttling down at idle those temps don't look out of the ordinary. Temps will be lower at idle if you use adaptive mode as the cpu will throttle down speed and voltage.

Here is my 6700k at stock settings all I did was set the windows power plan to high performance and you can see it's drawing 1.44v. My ram is 2400MHz and here I have it overclocked to 3100MHz. I have custom cooling is why my temps are low.