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Droped to bios after win 10 reboot.

Level 8

I got a little problem. Maximus VIII hero motherboard with the newest bios. WD Black 2TB hdd, win 10.
After i reboot the pc from win 10 /start menu-> reboot/ the PC dont start and drop me in to the BIOS. The PCH storeage configuration is empty.
0 HDD shown.
Very strange thing: If i press power button in case, the pc shut down. After i can boot up normaly and the windows is work fine.
Any idea what can i do?

THX the help

Level 9
Could you please check if the WD black 2TB has good connection with SATA cable and power to the hard drive? If there is a loose cable and it is the only drive, it will go to BIOS because there is no boot

All cable reconnected many times. Try 2-3 other SATA port on motherborad. Resinstall the windows 3 times. The issue is the same. If i restart wont boot up properly. If i make a normal ON/OFF, it will work. Dont understand 😞

Chino wrote:
Do any of your HDD/SSDs show up in the BIOS?

If i switch on the pc yes its show on bios. If i restart, and drop me to bios automaticly, not shown.

Level 15
How many HDD/SSDs do you have connected to your system? And is the one with the OS on the top of the boot list?

Only 1 HDD. No ssd yet. 1 os installed /win 10/