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Does Asus Support exist or not really?!?

Level 10
hi guys,

it's been exactly a week since I've sent a support request to Asus regarding my motherboard.
the product is registered at Asus web site and I got even a case support number.
although it said "it could take up to 48 hours for a return" today after a real whole week no one has responded at all.
neither has the status of my requst changed somehow, it is just staying there and nothing happens.

is this the usual Asus Support manner or did something just go wrong in my case?!? 😞

sahafiec wrote:
thanks for the hint, I did it already and even doublechecked. I'm using the CM Hyper EVO 212 and you can't overtighten the screws at all.
it has a kind of security spring washer to prevent overtightening, the screws just stop turning.

My Noctua has those springs as well, but apparently it's still possible to overtighten regardless.

This may be a consequence of Skylake CPUs being so thin. Mine seems to work optimally when the cooler is left fairly lose.

All right

Yeah keep us updated how it's working with XMP and maximus tweak mode 1.

Raja knows his stuff, you can believe what he tells you is good advice. 🙂

Level 10
well, I'm sure he knows the stuff but why are user supposed to wait weeks to get an answer from him?!
good people are always busy but still Asus has to improve the support, no one wants to waste his time just waiting.
time is money not only for Asus but for us as well...

Level 10
bad news mate, after running on Mode 1 and XMP error free since Sunday I got a BugCheck today while just browsing the internet.
the BugCheck description is "ATTEMPTED_WRITE_TO_READONLY_MEMORY" and I've already had that previously.
it seems the Mode 1 didn't help at all but still I'm letting the guys at Tenforums have a look at the log files, just to be sure.
I'm afraid I'll have to either stick to 2133MHz or change memory brand.

I understand what you mean, I confirmed that I can slightly move the cooler while installed with no force.
this is usually not possible if it's overtightened.

Level 13
I don't work in support and I don't cover the EU region.


My experience with Asus support this week on a monitor issue was not a good one so I'll move on to another brand as far as monitors go

Level 10
I'm aware of that Raja and I thank you for your support. the actual Asus support is doing really nothing!
10 days after my second support request I just got a short mail requesting me to send my motherboard in.
Asus warranty service in Turkey is not known for first class precise work and fails often finding even small issues.
mostly they just update bios, test for an hour at most and send the item back. they sometimes even damage products and claim it was users fault.
the forums over here are full of such cases so how are they supposed to reproduce my issue which takes up to a week?!

additionally it can take up to 20 working days for them to solve any issue, that's per law.
and what am I supposed to do during that time, it is my working machine and I can't afford stand still.
they do not offer advanced replacement, like Intel for example, so I could do my work while waiting.

yes I'm very frustrated but I must be crazy to take that risk and send my motherboard in without a replacement.

you are right, I'll do it as soon I get my hands on a cheap ram for testing.
if it takes too long I'll try your advise regarding voltages.