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Did I bust my M8H/is there another way to fix my issue

Level 7
Hello All,

I have had an eventful evening. I was attempting to repaste my CPU and bent a few pins, and knew this when I was unable to post with Q code 55. I checked and fixed the pins, and after I reset CMOS I was finally able to get into BIOS. All my memory was recognized and my BIOS settings were reset. However, I was unable to boot into windows after selecting my boot drive. I was getting stuck at the ROG screen with the spinning circle not spinning and getting post codes like 02, 61, or 07. Automatic repair was freezing as well. I kept trying everything to get Windows to repair, and tried from a USB boot that I tested on my laptop successfully. No dice with anything to repair.

I just flashed my BIOS with the newest update to see if that would fix it and am sitting with a black screen and no text. I am going to go to bed now but I feel like this isn't a good sign and that my mobo is truly dead. Any ideas? I am going to leave the PC on overnight and pray that it fixes itself.

Please let me know of any guidance you may have.

Level 13
There's a remote chance that you could try again to reposition the bent socket pins and improve the booting. If any one of the pins is actually broken, youi're out of luck. Socket pins are springy in only one direction, but are brittle and break easily when flexed in another direction. The initial bending and then a try at straightening can crack them. When the CPU is place and pressed down, the pin breaks off or bends badly to miss the contact on the CPU, or worse shorts to another pin. In any of these cases, symptoms are mysterious since the CPU is missing only a one or a few signals.

If one more try doesn't fix it, replace the mobo. Ebay is your friend. You may also consider upgrading (ASUS probably likes that suggestion more.)