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CPU-Z sometimes shows "CORE VID" sometimes shows "CORE VOLTAGE" ? Why ?

Level 10
So its been awhile since a built a PC (x58 was my last build years ago...)

After learning that Core VID and Core Voltage are not the same (I was going crazy thinking that Core Vid was my voltage cause it would jump up to 1.4v)

Core Vid = The voltage your cpu or mb thinks it needs to operate and Core Voltage = The voltage your cpu is getting

So my question is This? Why does cpu-z sometimes show my Core VID and sometime it shows Core Voltage is there something i am doing wrong? is there a shortcut
on the keyboard to change it? just wondering I added a image

Level 7
Probably just a bug in CPU-Z I'm using v1.77 and not seen it happen

Level 15
Try reinstalling the program. Mines shows Core Voltage just fine. Even opened and closed it a few times to make sure.


Level 8
mine shows Core VID consistently

Tried reinstalling even tried the rog version and i get the same thing sometimes it shows vid sometimes it shows the core.

well I was just wondering since I thought it was strange. not to worried about it but it would be nice to know why? I just use aida64 version of CPUID to monitor my core or AI suite. Thanks for the replys

hiong wrote:
mine shows Core VID consistently

There are a multitude of problems with these motherboards, very unstable in general although some people got lucky. If you start CPU-Z as soon as your PC has booted it will probably only show Core VID. If you stress the CPU and then launch CPU-Z it will probably show you Vcore. That's what happens with mine.

I am unable to overclock my CPU at all as it requires around 1.3 volts to remain 80% stable on stock speeds which pushes temps close to 80 degrees. I'm using a Corsair H100i to cool the thing.

To be fair I'm not sure if this is an Asus issue or a Skylake issue but I'll be glad to see the back of my Hero VIII and 6700K when it's time to upgrade. Sandybridge was much less power hungry and runs cooler. It's a big step backwards.

Level 8
silicon lottery. i have 2 6700K, one runs at 4.7GHz on 1.37V, the other at 4.5GHz on 1.3V both 4-hour RealBench stable. The second one can go higher, I just wanted to have better thermal control over it as it is in a smaller computer case with poorer airflow.