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Corsair memory issue

Level 7
Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? I installed 16GB of Corsair Vengence DDR4. That is the only RAM installed.

It is supposed to be 2400mhz but the Hero VIII only catches it at 2133. I admit to knowing next to nothing about RAM, so I don't want to start changing settings and rendering everything unbootable.

What settings should I be looking at in the BIOS?


Level 40
To get it to run at rated speed you will have to set the BIOS to run the XMP profile.

Extreme Tweaker tab

AI Overclock Tuner

Just select the 2400 and exit BIOS (F10)

Arne is dead right. Just to add a little something as you're new to this. 2400mhz wlll be the defailt XMP value for that RAM so all you need to do is select the defaut XMP profile under the Extream Tweaker menu and hit f10 to save and exit.

Level 40
Also...if you are checking in something like CPUz to see if it's running right....CPUz reports half speed...will say something close to 1200...